Park Rules

These rules are designed so that the amenities of the park may be preserved for all to enjoy, and observance of them will result in the minimum of interference and the maximum of pleasure.


Ballyvaldon Holiday Homes reserves the right of admission.


Only mobile homes of proprietary manufacture or other suitable mobile homes approved by the management will be admitted. All Mobile Homes must be clean and kept in good repair structurally and decoratively. The management permit all mobile homes on the park for 15 years from the date of manufacture. However, Mobile Homes over 15 years can remain on the park, but strictly at the management’s discretion.


The management insists that all Mobile Homes are insured by the owner of the mobile home.


Mobile Homes will be placed exactly as required by the management and can be moved to a new position if required at any time.


Cars must drive only on the road. There is a speed limit of 10 kmph on the park and this must be strictly observed at all times.


The management may specify the number of persons who may sleep in Mobile Homes, especially when in the proprietor’s opinion the Mobile Home is overcrowded.


Tents, or supplementary structures, of wood, canvas or other material may not be erected in, or around, the Mobile Homes.


All refuse must be sorted, and deposited in the appropriate bins in the refuse recycle area. Green/ garden waste is not permitted in general waste ask Eric where to dispose of it. Electrical and metal waste not to be disposed of near the bins/ refuse area, please ask Eric for further information.


Make up and nappy wipes must not be flushed down the toilet as this will cause blockages in your toilet or the sewage system.


Dogs are permitted, provided they are clean and well trained. They must be placed on a lead at all times. Vicious, or threatening dogs are totally banned. Any dog seen loose repeatedly must be removed from the site. Dogs are not permitted to be left off leads in adjoining fields.


Visitors and occupants remember that they are not the only ones on the park. There are possibly young children asleep, or elderly people trying to rest. Music must be kept on low volume at all times. There must be no undue noise between 11.00 p.m. and 9.00 a.m. The playgrounds and public areas, etc. are closed at 11.00 p.m. and all children are to be off the park by 12.00 p.m. It is the responsibility of the licensee/ parents to ensure children are out of the playground at 11pm, not management. After 11pm children can be on decking until midnight provided volume is kept low. For respect to other residents please ensure children return to their own mobile homes quietly.


Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their visitors and guests who must comply with the park rules.


No children of any age are allowed to use their parent’s mobile without parental supervision.


Residents must not cause offence to others on the park or the neighbours to the park.


No DIY electrics carpentry or plumbing are permitted on this park. No excavation for any purpose may be carried out on the park. Only subcontractors approved by the management are allowed on the park.


To ensure a high standard of behaviour, the management has the authority to order those that breach the rules to leave the park. In this event, the management is under no obligation to refund in whole, or in part, the site fees.


Mobile Homes may not be used during the period of free winter storage – from the close of the park to the 01st of March in each year.


The management, their agents or employees, may, if necessary, enter the occupier’s Mobile Home at all reasonable times to carry out emergency electrical repairs, or water damage review and/or repair.


Management shall not be liable for any failure of, or loss or damage arising from any failure of, electricity supply, or of any fluctuation or variation of the voltage at the occupier’s terminal.


Management shall have the right (a) to interrupt the electrical supply to occupier’s Mobile Home for maintenance and repair of equipment, or the connection of other Mobile Home, or equipment to management’s electrical supply and (b) to limit the amperage of electrical current at the occupier’s terminal. In such cases, notices shall be given to the occupier whenever possible.


Entrance and exit gates must be used and the climbing of fences, or hedges, is strictly forbidden.



Vehicles and Mobile Homes are admitted to the park on condition that the management shall not be liable for loss or damage to (a) any vehicle or Mobile Home; (b) anything in or about any vehicle or Mobile Home, however such loss or damage may be caused. The Management accepts no responsibility for any injury to, or damage sustained by, any person while on the park, however caused.



It is a condition of the Park that all mobile homes are comprehensively insured on a new for old basis the Park will not be liable for any claims.

Transfer of Sites


The right to place a Mobile Home on the site allotted is personal to the Mobile Home owner and may not be sold, assigned, or sub-let, i.e. purchase of a Mobile Home does not carry with it the right to retain that Mobile Home on the park.


No trading whatsoever is permitted by any person in the Park. The introduction of any outside trading interest is strictly forbidden.

Sub - Letting


Ballyvaldon Holiday Homes does not permit subletting. This practice is strictly forbidden and, if attempted, will be dealt with severely. The licensee of the Mobile Home who sub-let will be asked to remove same within twelve (12) hours of discovery. Should the owner fail to comply, the management has the right to remove same from the Park. All costs incurred in the removal will be borne by the owner of the mobile home.


From time to time, the management does permit each licensee to give the use of their homes to other members of their immediate family (brothers, sisters or parents) PROVIDED the names of these people have been given to the management for approval before occupying the mobile. Any use of the Mobile Home without the above arrangements being made will be judged paying customers and will be treated as a breach of rule number 26.



Sales of sites by any licensee is strictly forbidden.  If a licensee is leaving the Park and wishes to dispose of their Mobile Home, it can be done in two (2) ways:


The management will agree a price with the licensee and then arrange a buyer, suitable to the management, to take over the Mobile Home on its original site.


The licensee may remove Mobile Home from site and offer it for sale on another location.
Please note that the purchase of Mobile Homes from outside agents/suppliers is prohibited.

Maintenance and Ventilation


Periodically, preferably once a year,  your gas installations should be inspected/tested and a report on its condition obtained.

Fire Precautions


Children should never be left alone in a Mobile Home, or any other dwelling within the park area.


Means Of Escape – Ensure you know the location and operation of the escape windows and hatches.


Keep all escape routes clear.


Combustible materials, ensure that they are kept clear of all heating and cooking appliances. Each unit should be equipped with an extinguisher, fire blanket and carbon monoxide alarm.




In case of fire: